Parent Information

Our Fees

New fee increase from January 2012.
Unless you notify us otherwise your fees will be adjusted automatically.

Fees Per Session 0-5 Years 2nd Child
8.5 hour session  £32.00 10% discount ON ALL FEES.
9.5 hour session £38.00  
a.m. session £23.00  

We are registered for funding for 3 and 4yr olds.

Our Policies

Arrivals and departures/collection of a child/ren

It is our policy at bluebell to ensure that we give a warm welcome to each child and parent/carer on arrival to nursery.

Parents /carers pass their child over to a member of staff or their key worker who will ensure the safety and wellbeing of each individual. They will hang coats up on their named pegs and put slippers on.

Parents are to sign their child/ren into the register that is in the entrance hall stating times of arrival, this will be checked regularly throughout the day by management to meet the safety and wellbeing of the children.

Parents will give information on their child if necessary, injuries, medication and any concerns relating to the wellbeing, key worker will pass this information over to managers and make a note in our communications book in office, if it is something confidential management will discuss with parent.

If a child needs medication whilst in our care parent will be asked to fill out relevant forms to administer medication and a form for medication that has been prescribed at home, dates on prescribed only medicine 48hrs previous.

If a child arrives at bluebell with any injuries or marks, parent will be asked to fill out an injury log sheet stating that they have done it at home.

Children will be given a friendly warm welcome into each room with a variety of stimulating activities to meet their needs and to make a new child feel more settled.

Departures and collection

Children are booked in at certain times of attendance in the setting, parents give this information on contract stating arrival and departure times, and this again helps us meet our staff ratios. When a new child starts all staff are updated on childs attendance and hours/needs and parents will be introduced.

Each member of staff as key workers is aware of their children’s attendance; they are to ensure that their child is clean tidy and ready for collection, any medicines, information sharing sheets, and all belongings are ready to go, always giving feedback to parent on child’s day.

We ask for a password on contract and registration forms for collection of a child if it is another person other than parent picking up, but only from the list of persons that parent’s has placed on authorised pick up.

If person listed arrives and cannot remember password, we will ring prime contact/parent and get some more information and will ask person picking up to show us some identification.

If they do not have identification we will not let the child go and we will inform parent and ask for some other security questions.

In the event of a person collecting child that is not on registration form, we will ask parent to fill in a form collection of a child/parental consent, it will state name of person collecting, relationship to child, do they know password, and id to be seen by person collecting, parent must sign and person collecting to sign on arrival along with management verifying password and id, once they are happy they will let child leave.

In an emergency if a parent was to ring and a neighbour or friend not on registration form was to collect and parent was unable to fill in a form we would ask parent over phone for password and a few security questions and description of person collecting, id and persons car, as much information as possible.

It is parent’s responsibility as to the wellbeing of their own child on leaving the setting as once out of the premises they are no longer in our care.

If a child is not picked up at their designated time of departure a senior member will contact parent to see if there is known reason as to why their child has not been collected.

Failing to contact all persons on registration forms we will contact police immediately, two senior staff will stay at setting with child if this is after closing until police have contacted parent or arrived at setting.

We will as carers, always remain calm as to not alert the child concerned.

Under no circumstances will a child be allowed to depart from the nursery unless it is with a previously identified authorised person.

Staff must always be vigilant and aware of a child leaving the setting and who they answer the door to, they must ensure children are signed in and out on room registers am and pm, being aware of how many children in a room at all times.

Child protection
We at Bluebell hold a strong policy on this as we take the safety of each child very seriously. Children are in our care for many hours and days each week. Children will often let us know of any problems and will confide in us through talk, body language or role-play. Our prime responsibility is the welfare and the well being of all the children in our care. As such we believe that our duty to the children and parents/carers is to act quickly and responsibly in any instance which may come to our attention. If staff have a cause to be concerned that a child in our care may be subject to any form of abuse, we will follow the child protection procedures and inform social services.

Settling in
We offer your child up to 5 hours of settling in time at Bluebell, this is for you to decide, we do not want you to feel that you have to take this up. If you want to take this up, speak to a member of staff. If you are happy and confident to leave your child without these sessions, this is fine. A quick kiss, a hug and telling your child you will be back soon will enable us to settle them quickly.

Your child must be collected by the end of their booked in time that is specified in the contract that will be issued to you. It is important that your children are not dropped off earlier or picked up later than the times agreed between yourselves and the nursery.

The nursery must be informed of anyone other than yourself or carer's on registration form, they must hold a password and show ID e.g. drivers licence. A daily register will be taken in each room by a staff member, you will be responsible for signing your child/ren in and out. Once your child is signed out of the nursery your child becomes your responsibility.

Sickness & Medication
For the health and welfare of all the children who come to nursery we request that you do not bring your child into nursery if they are ill or have an infectious disease. Keep them at home for at least 48HRS until symptoms have passed with no signs of sickness/diarrhoea. If prescribed with antibiotics then they will not be permitted until 48 hrs after start of treatment. In the event of illness, we have the right to send any child home, if senior staff feel that they are not well enough to attend Bluebell.

In the event of an accident at Bluebell, it will be logged in an accident record book for you to sign. With regards to head injuries e.g.: BUMPS/ CUTS, Bluebell will contact you by phone as we regard these to be serious, you will be given a notification sheet of the injury, which will explain what the injury was, how it happened, whether your child showed any signs of unconsciousness, drowsy, dazed, groggy, sickness or any unusual signs, this will then tell you what to look out for at home. In the event of a serious head injury we would ask you to collect your child and seek medical attention.

Baby requirements
Nappies and wipes can be brought in in bulk and stored at nursery, or you can bring in amounts daily, please bring in sufficient for the day as we do not have any spare. You can bring in baby food and formula daily, please can you ensure that all food is defrosted before coming to nursery. All should be labelled.

Pre-school daily routine

8am - free play planned activities out, computer on/ home corner

8.30am - Breakfast


Rollover snack time / hand washing.10am:
•Circle time
•Weather chart
•French/counting/days week/animals/food etc.
•Emotions board
•Show and Tell
•Special helper/clip boards lunch.
•Guinea pigs.
•If your name begins with(letters of names)

10.30am- outdoors

•messy play
•Art boards/resources/mirrors.
•gravel/water exploratory area
•sand pit
•Swings seesaw, climbing frames.
•Tyres – decking-building, sheets making dens.
•Cameras, measuring, bug hunts.
•Veg garden, composting
•Books, blankets.
•Dancing movement.


•Come in from garden. Shoes coats away.
•Story time, singing/action rhymes.
•Hand washing (supervised.
•Special helpers set tables/cutlery and name cards.

12.00 pm - lunch time.

•Lords prayer.
•Interaction with children staff sit at tables.
•Children scrape their own plates place in bowl.
•Manners encouraged at all times (English and French)
•Teeth brushing/ clean faces and clothes if needed.

12.30 pm-quiet times.

•Children select their own toys/books free play/home corner.
•Staff to undertake risk assessments and checks (signed).
•Table activities.


•Register. Am session go home
•Feed back to parents.
•Milk time.
•Get ready for outdoor play
•If your name begins with
•Shoes coats
•Garden checks
•Outdoor activities related to planning.

3.30pm music time

•Music activities on planning, yoga, music movement, singing, musical instruments, bending stretching, clap n rhythm, ring games. etc.
•Children to help choose.

3.50pm Tea time.

•Children to wash hands.
•Special helpers set tables.
•Help make tea
•Clean teeth
•Make sure children are clean and tidy to go home.
•Give feedback to parents.

4.30pm free play

•Variety of resources/children to help choose.

5-5.45pm. home times.


•Staff get activities and nursery ready

We at Bluebell concentrate on good behaviour, we always praise the children and reward them with stickers, all staff are trained to deal with situations and have the children’s best interest at heart. All children will be talked to and explained what is right and what is wrong. All staff at Bluebell are checked for criminal offences under the CRB and OFSTED. Hold childcare qualifications that are displayed in hall, all staff attend regular training and keep up to date with relevant qualifications (child-protection).

Equal opportunities
Staff at Bluebell will respect all different religions, racial origins, special needs, languages and cultures so that all individuals are treated equally. Our Enco co-ordinator is Lola Jones.

Special educational needs
Bluebell Day Nursery provides for all children with special educational needs. The nursery has adopted the 5-stage module of SEN assessment and provision. Please ask to see our SEN policy. The special educational needs co-ordinator SENCO will be available for you to talk to if you feel your child’s experiencing problems. (Lola Jones) ALL CONVERSATIONS WILL BE TREATED CONFIDENTIAL.

Partnership with parents
It is the policy of bluebell day nursery to encourage ways of working with parents and to build close relationships that will enhance the quality of care for the children and the relationship between parents and staff.

Equalities and and inclusion.

All parents should be treated with equal concern regardless of race, gender, religion and disability.

Staff and parents
* Staff are to use manners and smile factor at all times to parents/carers and should be courteous at all times, there is no probable cause that allows for any verbal or physical aggression.
* Difficult situations should be refereed to management.
* On arrival parents children to be greeted in a friendly manner and always say goodbye when leaving.
* Worried parents should be advised to phone the nursery if there are any problems or concerns.
* Staff should talk with parents about their child.
* New or younger staff should only talk to parents about their child when experience in manner and sufficient knowledge of the children has been gained.
* It is expected that parents will take control of their own entering the nursery.
* Parents applying to register with the nursery will not be accepted without first visiting the nursery.

Working together
* Regular questionnaires sent home, added suggestions will be looked at from parents.
* Monthly activities at home relating to topics.
* Information sharing sheets.
* Regular newsletters of events and information to be shared with parents sent home.
* Twice yearly parents evenings sharing children’s work and profiles.
* Fun days and giving events throughout the year involving parents to be involved.
* Parents have access to view policies at any time.
* Can access their Childs profiles at any time.
* Appointments can be made in between parents evenings if parents would be like to discuss their Childs progress.
* Website for parents to view our nursery.
* Manager sends photos of Childs progress to parents by email.

Parents as Partners
The nursery team will work with Parents as Partners in providing quality care for their children.All parents are welcome to visit the nursery at any time when their chldren are present, other times can be arranged with senior staff.Parents have access to their child's records and are consulted in respect of the care given.Information and weekly planning/topics/activities at home sheets are given, menu's for the week will be displayed in the entrance hall. Regular parents evenings (once a year) are held. All parents will be asked to fill in feed back form at the evening. Newsletters are regularly distributed with future events/topics etc.

Parents are able to inspect all policies of the nursery.A suggestion system is in operation through communication between parents/staff.

Fire safety policy
All fire extinguishers are checked once a yr, to ensure that they are up to date and working, inspections are dated on extinguishers.

Fire drill procedures are around the nursery, written up clearly.

Fire drills are carried out monthly and recorded in a log book.

Regular pat testing is carried out on electrical equipment by a certified electrician.

Bluebell day nursery understands the importance of vigilance to fire safety hazards. Bluebell has an up to date fire inspection certificate, and notices explaining the fire procedures that are positioned near fire exits.

All staff/volunteers/students and children are aware of the fire safety procedures set out in this policy.

All staff are aware of the location of all fire exits, the fire assembly point and where fire safety equipment is stored.

Children within the pre school use role play to help them in a fun way carry out a fire drill, talking about safety and consequences in taking risks.

Fire doors are clearly marked and are not obstructed and are easily opened from the inside.

Management at bluebell are responsible for carrying out these drills and procedures, fire drills will take place randomly at different times, without prior warning.

Fire drill
•Whistle will be blown so that all staff and children can hear.
•Each room leader to assemble children quickly to the nearest fire exit.
•Gather room register.
•Assemble in grass roundabout in school grounds.
•Take register to ensure all children are present.
•Manager to check staff registers and to have emergency contacts and mobile phone and keys.
•To ensure all doors and windows are shut.
•When all numbers have been counted and all staff and children are present, all can move back into the building.
•In the event of a fire manager would call fire brigade and contact all parents.

Fire prevention
Bluebell day nursery will take all steps possible to prevent fires occurring.

As such all staff are responsible for:

•Ensuring that power points are not overloaded.
•Ensuring that the no smoking policy is always observed.
•Storing any potentially flammable materials safely away from child areas.
•Switching off appropriate electrical appliances and lights when not needed.
•Ensuring that room heaters are free from restrictions.
All new staff ands students have the fire safety procedure explained on inductions.

In the event of a fire
An adult will raise the alarm immediately, and the emergency services will be called at the earliest possible opportunity.

The building will be evacuated and everyone will re-assemble at the designated point. No attempt will be made to collect personal belongings or to re-enter the building after evacuation.

The building will be checked by manager or person in charge and registers will be collected, providing that this does not put anyone at risk.

On exiting the building, the nursery manager or person in charge will close all doors and windows to prevent spread of fire.

Registers will be taken and everyone accounted for. If any person is missing the emergency services will be informed immediately. If for any reason the manager is absent the deputy/person in charge will assume responsibility.

Complaints procedure
If any parent should have cause for complaint they should in the first instance take it up with the child’s key worker or a senior member of staff. Lola Jones Complaints should be put into writing.

If the issue remains unresolved then the manager should be contacted. Lola Jones.

The manager will then investigate the complaint and report back to the parent within three days.

If the matter cannot be resolved to their satisfaction then they have the right to raise the matter with the under eights adviser.

Ofsted Early Years
Tel: 08456 404040 or 0300 1234234

If you wish to call the above help line, or visit website.

Early years directorate
NBU 2nd floor
Royal exchange buildings
St. Ann’s square
M2 7LA

Your Childs learning - Early Years Foundation Stage

Six Areas of EYFS

  • Personal and social development
  • Language and literacy
  • Problem solving reasoning and numeracy
  • Knowledge and understanding of the world
  • Physical development
  • Creative development

All of these areas of learning are met through the early years foundation stage.
All of these things are included in the day’s activities at Bluebell nursery to help your child make the most of his/her pre-school opportunities it is important for parents and staff to work together.

Settling in at nursery
Your child’s time at Bluebell should be a happy and enjoyable experience. We always encourage parents to gradually introduce their children to small sessions to begin with and gradually build them up. Your child will get to know the other children and the staff and there will be a familiar face at their first session they do without parents.

At Bluebell it should be the beginning of new and exciting experiences for both of you. You will here lots of new songs, rhymes and games that he/she will want to teach you. As a parent it is important to take some time to listen, to make your child feel that he/she has something important to say.

At Bluebell we have a topic each month displayed. Children can bring in things from home to show other children at discussion time.

There are a lot of everyday activities which will help with your child with pre-reading and writing skills and early Numeracy. Things like writing a shopping list, as you write let your child “write” one too. By looking at your list your child will begin to recognise the shapes of letters and probably try to copy over a period of time.

Lots of rhymes and stories help with language development, colours and numbers, so it is always important to have plenty of books around for your child to read, either with you or on their own.

Always encourage your child to take great care of books and place great importance on putting them away properly and not tearing or drawing in them.All of our days are planned to include art and crafts, sand and water play, cooking, messy play, imaginative play, construction play, quiet times, songs, stories, walks and church visits.

Each child has a tray to keep their scrap books and work they have done to take home. All daily activities at Bluebell are made to be fun, we use indoors and outdoors when planning our activities, the children learn a lot through play, we do not make a child do anything he/she does not feel comfortable with, they will participate in all when they gain confidence, we encourage this through lots of praise and reassurance.

The above policies and more information can be viewed on our Contract.

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